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About Essential Oils

Essential Oil FAQs

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Q. What are essential oils?
A. Essential Oils are naturally occurring plant oils obtained by distillation or cold pressing. Essential oils contain a characteristic aroma of the plant they come from. Our pure oils have not been diluted or changed with chemicals or other additives. Plants from a specific region may produce a fragrance that differs from the same species grown in a different country - for instance; soil acidity in one country can be different to that in another; one plant, grown in one place may carry different characteristics even though it is exactly the same species.

Q. How do I know if an essential oil is good quality?
A. A reputable supplier of essential oils will always be able to supply further information if you ask for more details. Also, good quality products are almost always labelled with a botanical (Latin) name of the plant and in most cases the part of the plant the oil is derived from.

Q. Is there anything added to Aromae Essential Oils? 
A. No. Our essential oils are most often steam distilled from plants to extract the oils and are extremely concentrated. We do not dilute these oils, with the exception of Jasmine and Rose, which are blended with Pure Jojoba Oil, for affordability. Unlike other suppliers, our Jasmine and Rose are both 5% in Jojoba - not 3%!

Q. How long do essential oils last? 
A. This depends on the essential oil. Base-note oils (like Sandalwood) will last longer than a mid-note oils (such as Lavender), which in turn last longer than a top-note oils (Peppermint, citrus oils).

Q. Are Aromae products environmentally sensitive?
A. Yes. Our products are all sourced from sustainably managed plantations.

Q. Are Aromae products tested on animals? 
A. No. Our products are all sourced from ethically responsible sources.

Q. How standard are Essential Oils? 
A. Essential Oils will vary slightly from season to season. We do not add chemicals to the oils to change what naturally occurs.

Q. Can I use Aromae Oils on the skin?
A. Yes, some essential oils can be used this way. We suggest that you consult a health professional or aromatherapist for recommendations. There are also many well documented reference books about essential oils that you may also use.

Q. Are Aromae oils organic?
A. All of our oils are pure, of high grade and free from any chemicals or pesticides. Not all of the oils are certified organic. Organically certified products are available on request.


Using Essential Oils Aromae Aroma Essential Oils

Usage FAQs

Q. How do I use essential oils safely?
A. It depends on what you want to use the essential oil for. Essential oils have their own characteristics that we recommend you consult a health professional about. If you plan to make your own essential recipes you should use a well researched reference book. We recommend the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils.

Q. Can I use your essential oils to flavour food?
A. No. We do not recommend essential oils for internal consumption. Some essential oils can be toxic if ingested, others may be okay. If you have a question about the efficacy or a recommendation made by someone about such use of essential oils we recommend you contact your health professional first.

Q. How often or how much oil do I add to a vaporiser? 
A. As often as you wish, it can depend on the size of the area you want to affect with the aroma, as well as your personal preference for atmosphere.

Q. What happens when the oil has finished vaporising? 
A. Nothing will happen. Be aware that it can damage your vaporiser if it over heats with lack of water. Clean your vaporiser regularly, soap and water is sufficient.

Q. I can't smell the essential oil? 
A. Check that the oil has not all vaporised. Due to the way our olfactory (sense of smell) system works you can become desensitised to certain smells, this is known as fade. You can change to a different oil and the sense will return.

Q. I’ve heard I shouldn’t use certain oils during pregnancy, is this true?
A. Yes. This usually applies to physically applying the oil to your body. Walking past a peppermint bush and smelling that probably won’t harm you – but if you want to use essential oils for a specific use while pregnant you should contact your health professional or an aromatherapist.